Yemeni coffee has a great history engraved in the Yemenis' memories ; it is considered as a link between all the Yemeni generations . coffee can bring back the role that Yemen played economically and socially and help overcome the Yemeni coffee challenges . such importance for the Yemeni coffee encouraged a number of Yemen traders , exporters , manufacturers , farmers , and marketing people to join hands establish an association called " The Yemeni coffee Association" in march , 2007 . This association represents all the Yemeni coffee groups in Yemen .


In the first stage of its establishment , the Yemeni coffee Association started to establish its infrastructure and create an action plan to mobilize efforts and cooperation among its members . The objectives of this Association are summarized bellow :


- Gathering the efforts of all those involved in producing coffee , making them aware of the important of coffee and its economic and social roles , and urging them to continue growing coffee and improving its quantity and quality .

- Urging the Yemeni government to give priority to reclaiming plots of land allocated for growing coffee to increase its production and encourage Yemenis to work in coffee fields and processing labs .  

- Improving coffee production and its quality to be able to compete at the international level .

- Providing members of the association with technical support , training , and bank loans through banks which present loans to agricultural activities .

- Coordinating with the concerned authorities in order to get financial and technical assistance in modern irrigation techniques ,combating coffee

The Yemeni coffee association hopes that the government's policy concerning producing coffee will be encouraging and that more cooperation on the part of the concerned authorities , on top of which is the ministry of agriculture and irrigation , to improve the techniques and methods of producing Yemeni coffee . it is expected that the ministry will develop coffee seedlings , combat the coffee and tree diseases , provide facilities and improve performance in all the aspects affecting coffee production , in general .



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