Although Yemeni coffee encounters a lot of problems , still it has high quality and unique qualities . these qualities make the Yemeni coffee distinct from other coffee types which exist all over the world . To expand and develop growing this important cash crop and regain the reputation of Yemeni coffee for many centuries in the past , the Yemeni coffee Association is trying to :

# Pave the way for an ambitious environment to grow more coffee .

#Contribute to improving the quality of Yemeni coffee

#and encourage official and civil initiatives to enhance coffee production , marketing , and exporting .



Our newly-established association strongly believes that the future of Yemeni coffee is promising . the first positive aspect which indicates that there is a great concern for establishing the association is the number of people who attended when they were invited by prominent Yemeni businessmen to launch the association . As a result , the association expects the number of its members to increase in all Yemeni governorates . Later on , the association will reach out its members and support them . the association hopes to form productive groups from among its members to increase sale and exportation of Yemeni coffee according to international specifications . The associations believes that the best way to reach out coffee producers is to raise people's awareness through mass media and field companies to guide them to grow coffee and bring good reputation to Yemen , the original place for the coffee tree .




The Yemeni coffee association hopes that the government's policy concerning producing coffee will be encouraging and that more cooperation on the part of the concerned authorities , on top of which is the ministry of agriculture and irrigation , to improve the techniques and methods of producing Yemeni coffee . it is expected that the ministry will develop coffee seedlings , combat the coffee and tree diseases , provide facilities and improve performance in all the aspects affecting coffee production , in general .



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