Yemen is the only country in which coffee is grown in a climate and an environment which are not similar to those in which coffee trees are cultivated in other areas around the world . Yemenis still utilize primitive methods which were used by their ancestors to grow coffee . besides , scarcity of water is a very common phenomenon in Yemen , yet Yemeni farmers produce the best coffee ( known as the Arab coffee ) in the world .

Yemeni coffee is grown in most governorates , the most famous of which are : Bani Mater ,Yafe'e ,Haraz , Inner and Outer Haimateen , Bura'a , Bani Hammad , Amran , etc . Additionally , the Yemeni coffee has different sizes , shapes , names , and types depending on the areas in which it is grown . The most famous types of Yemeni coffee are : Materi , Yafe'e Haimi , Harazi , Ismaili , Ahjuri , Mahweeti Bura'ai , Hammadi , Raimi , Wasabi , Anisi , Odaini , Sabri , and Sa'adi .

The Ministry of Agriculture allocates an estimated area of 33,260 hectares for growing coffee in yemen . It is grown in valleys where the climate is warm and humid and in terraces and mountains ranging  from 700 to 2400 kilometers above sea level .

Thousands of Yemeni families depend on coffee to improve their income ; almost one million individuals are involved in growing and exporting coffee . The production of Yemeni coffee increased in 2006 , so it reached 17292 tons according to the official estimates . the total revenue gained from exported coffee in 2006 was YR 5,136,772,000. Despite all the obstacles that face Yemeni coffee , it is the second commodity after oil that Yemen exports to the rest of the world . Yemeni coffee is exported to the Gulf States , Saudi Arabia , Japan , the United states , Canada , Russia , France ,Italy ,Denmark , Germany , Turkey , and India .


An Invitation for Communication and Cooperation :

To help Yemeni coffee , it is essential to join forces in a joint-venture similar to what the ancient Yemenis had done to establish their civilizations . Therefore , becoming a member of the Yemeni coffee Association is open for all concerned people , farmers , producers , marketing experts , merchants , manufacturers , exporters , etc . Besides , financial and technical cooperation is welcomed to help the member of the Yemeni coffee Association to overcome the challenges that the Yemeni coffee faces . The association aims at improving the quality of the Yemeni coffee to regain its position and good reputation locally and internationally .


Yemeni coffee : challenges

Since the second half of the last century , Yemeni coffee has been facing great challenges threatening the existence of the coffee tree .This caused a decline in its plantation and production . Consequently , coffee production and marketing will decline and Yemen will remain at the bottom of list of the coffee producer counties . The numerous challenges and obstacles behind the decline of Yemeni coffee production are attributed to the following reasons :


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